Mouse Free Products


The Mouse Free product has the unique ability to repel mice. It contains a high concentration of menthol; it smells nice to humans, but rodents find the smell very offensive and leave the area immediately. Secondly, the product acts as an undercarriage lubricant for moving parts. Better yet, the lubrication qualities in the Mouse Free product create a thin protective coating that rodents and even insects cannot travel across.

Mouse Free is totally non-toxic and safe!

The scent repelling properties within the formula are derived from 100% natural essential oils. These same essential oils are commonly used for relaxation during aromatherapy treatments! 

*Mouse Free is safe when used as directed. It is not implied that the product can be used for aromatherapy, nor should it be used for any other purpose except what is found in the directions.

One 1L jug will cover approx. 25’. Available in a 1L jug with sprayer or without sprayer & 5 gal. pails.

Or you can book an appointment and Under the Stars RV will gladly Mouse Free Spray your unit for you.

$16.00 per linear ft.